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My Opinion on Leo movie Disaster or not ?

Lokesh Kanagaraj’s Leo movie Disaster? Which is a part of LCU, if we talk about its movie experience, it definitely lets you down a bit. Brother, I mean, if you are a die-hard fan of Vijay Thalapathy, then brother, I am not talking about you. But being a movie enthusiast, brother, the picture is fine.

Story (with Spoilers)

Let’s now get into the specifics of the film. Therefore, Parthiban, who resides in Himachal Pradesh with his family, runs a café in addition to an Animal Rescue Urban center. But when his café is attacked, he is forced to defend himself, which brings about unwanted media attention and legal problems. As a result, his life takes a turn for the worse. Herold Das and Anthony Das find out about Parthiban, and when things start to fall apart, he seeks assistance from a Tamil Nadu police officer who was recommended to him by someone in Delhi. A series of things happen as a result.

The character Choli, who questions her true identity, adds a dramatic twist to the film. In the movie’s app, we witness Agent Vikram’s hiring and learn about extortion involving a mysterious “Leo” and drug trafficking with the threat of ending it in India. In all honesty, I didn’t find this movie to be boring, but it did feel a little drawn out. The first half was interesting, but as the story comes to a close, we’re repeatedly introduced to new characters and even given an item number, which seems out of place. We’ve been meeting characters for more than an hour, and it could have been done quicker.

The movie does have a few noteworthy pluses, though. Vijay Thalapathy’s portrayal of Parthiban stands out. He doesn’t appear to be a man approaching 50, and his moving performance captures the audience. His persona in the film is that of a devoted but helpless father.

The character of millions, however, is one of the best parts, despite the fact that I thought it was underused. One of the favorite scenes is when Sanjay Dutt establishes himself in the coffee shop. Sanjay Dutt’s imposing presence gives the movie an intriguing dynamic, particularly in his interactions with Arjun’s Harold.

However, the serial killer character was underused and lacked the required terror. This was unfavorable. The movie could have created a more intense atmosphere with this character. Overall, the movie has its moments, but it could benefit from some editing to keep the pace and maintain the viewer’s interest. serial clear unpredictable Asafa is being said just like. Seeing my brother having fun like a clown. well.

Fans Reactions:


Negative about the Movie

It can be difficult to express your opinions when reviewing a movie, especially when you want to point out both its positive and negative aspects. Here is a more reader-friendly version that has been revised:

You know, it can be really difficult to criticize a movie when you really want to praise it. It seems as though these flaws elude your notice. But let’s have a productive discussion about it. Every time a new issue arises in this movie, it’s as if the previous issues have already been resolved.

Because of this, the plot may seem a little too convenient and the characters may not actually be in immediate danger. Not really feeling the tension. The special effects are now up. You would anticipate a constant level of quality in a film with a budget this large. There were a few snags, though. But here’s the thing despite the problems, I thought the CGI was generally quite good.

It worked well, especially in action sequences with some gore. However, the CGI in the first car accident scene was a little excessive. It had the appearance of a video game. Surprisingly, though, I liked it. One of those things that one enjoys secretly. I understand that it may not be to everyone’s taste, but it somehow increased the entertainment value. You see, there are movies with obvious visual effects that don’t quite look real, like “Bullet Train.” It resembles a superhero movie. It’s practically obvious who is in charge behind the scenes.

Although it isn’t exactly how things work in real life, it has a certain element of coolness.  Even though it doesn’t seem entirely convincing, it feels like you’re part of the fun at that precise moment. It’s fun because you can appreciate the aesthetic that they’re going for. In a nutshell, I was hoping for something better, but I understood the designers’ aims for style and entertainment value.  So, Lokesh, I had high hopes for you, and despite a few hiccups, I understood what you were trying to accomplish.

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This is my own Opinion, If your opinion is not match with me no problem, I respect that. And some fan reaction taken from X

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