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Most asked questions about Why Naruto is the best anime .The legendary shonen anime series Naruto is arguably the greatest anime of every era.

Why Naruto is the best anime

The anime community may argue all day about which anime series is the finest and why in a world of Japanese animation that is more advanced and expansive than ever. Although it is true that this is a personal field and that it can be challenging to compare series from other genres, a strong argument is possible for some of the most well-known works, including Masashi Kishimoto’s Naruto. That’s why Naruto is the best anime.

10. The Soundtrack to Naruto Is Special

The soundtrack to Naruto combines two seemingly unrelated genres—modern rock and classic Japanese music—to create something wholly original and enduring that is greater than the sum of its parts. The soundtrack to Naruto also includes some of the best melancholy and comic relief songs an anime could hope for.

Why Naruto is the best anime

9. The objective of Naruto Uzumaki is difficult yet achievable

Anime heroes are prepared to fulfill the needs of every fictional protagonist who requires a purpose or a strategy to advance their character arc. Some anime protagonists, like Bleach’s Ichigo Kurosaki, only want to defend his comrades, which is a vague or unambitious purpose. While admirable, that doesn’t really advance the story much.

While all was going on, Naruto Uzumaki worked hard to pursue his goal of becoming Hokage, which is a difficult but attainable objective with the right amount of risk-taking and diligence. This provides a fantastic example for anime fans who may be motivated to establish their own hard but attainable personal goal. That’s why Naruto is the best anime.

Why Naruto is the best anime

8. The Time Skip Has Significant Meaning

Naruto handles this better than any other anime series since many of them use a time skip of a few years to advance the plot and demonstrate how far the characters have come. Naruto Shippuden is the post-timeskip episode, but “Shippuden” has come to refer to any post-timeskip storyline.

Naruto Shippuden establishes a new bar by portraying Naruto and Sakura as maturing in every way; they are no longer scared children scrambling to survive. Now that they are proactive, self-assured young adults capable of handling any scenario, they face brand-new foes and greater stakes than before. That’s why Naruto is the best anime.

7. A versatile and exciting energy system is the chakra.

Fantasy anime series typically include unique fighting styles and energy systems to match, such as the spirit energy in Bleach, the curse energy in Jujutsu Kaisen, and the magic and curses in Fairy Tail. All of those energy structures are excellent, but none of them can match Naruto’s chakra system. That’s why Naruto is the best anime.

6. Worldly Themes of Rage and Revenge Are Found in Naruto

Even though chakra and headed beasts aren’t real, the best anime shows present timely and thought-provoking themes that pertain to the real world. The cycle of hatred and retribution, which is all too real for anime watchers, was a concept that Naruto later addressed.

In the actual world, people, groups, and nations all seek revenge on one another, which leads to a cycle of hatred and bloodshed in which everyone finally forgets who struck them first. This transforms Naruto’s Six Paths of Pain into a terrifyingly current and significant antagonist rather than just a thug bent on world dominance. That’s why Naruto is the best anime.

5. Naruto Works to Promote Tolerance & Peace

Naruto not only examines the complex but fascinating issue of cycles of violence, but also provides a motivating solution. Naruto Uzumaki was motivated to confront Pain and put an end to fighting forever because he inherited Jiraiya’s hope of permanently halting the cycles of hatred in the world.

Naruto set a great example by confronting hatred head-on and eradicating it, which is not simple to do. Nagato vowed to support Naruto’s vision of world peace and sacrificed his life to make it a reality.

4. Headbands From Naruto Are Iconic

The forehead guards were initially created by manga artist Masashi Kishimoto so he wouldn’t have to continually sketching Naruto’s goggles, but they quickly came to define Naruto. These plated headbands are common among ninjas, and the wearer’s town of origin is represented by symbols engraved into them.

These headbands have long been a trademark of the anime fandom, and many other anime series have copied them, either as a nod to popular culture or a lighthearted jab at Naruto. Any fan of Naruto may easily wear these renowned headbands, which also make for fantastic merchandising.

3. Dragon Ball is honored by Naruto while maintaining its own identity.

As one of the original Big Three, together with One Piece & Bleach, Naruto draws inspiration from Akira Toriyama’s renowned Dragon Ball series. However, if handled improperly, Naruto might have turned out to be a subpar imitation of Dragon Ball, disappointing fans. But it wasn’t going to work out that way.

Instead, creator Masashi Kishimoto cleverly adapted the Dragon Ball concept while establishing Naruto’s unique character and themes, allowing these connected series to stand distinct in the best possible ways. Any action anime lover will find Naruto very appealing because of its Dragon Ball DNA, but Kishimoto has many original ideas, so it’s not a rip-off.

Anime mentors come in a variety of forms, from Kazuma Sohma in Fruits Basket to Zangetsu in Bleach and Gran Torino, the retired hero, in My Hero Academia, but Naruto stands out because it has Lord Jiraiya the toad sage as its number one mentor.

Jiraiya is incredibly strong, he taught Naruto valuable lessons about life that are applicable to his own situation, he worked to bring about world peace, he’s hilarious, and most importantly, he devoted his life in the pursuit of justice. Even today, Jiraiya is still sorely missed.

1. Hinata Hyuga, the best dandere in anime, is from Naruto.

Many anime series, including Casca in Berserk and Touka Kirishima in Tokyo Ghoul, show their main character steadily getting closer to their love interest, but Hinata Hyuga beats them all. One of Naruto’s strongest character arcs is hers.

Hinata is one of the beloved Naruto characters who contributes to the success of the series. She was initially a gifted but shy dandere who learnt to defend herself and fight for the truth. Additionally, she and Naruto had a fulfilling and heartfelt relationship that ended with their marriage, launching a brand-new Boruto arc that focuses on the younger generation.

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