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The highly anticipated action thriller Salaar, starring Prabhas and Shruti Haasan, hit theatres on September 29th, 2023. While the film itself has garnered mixed reviews, the buzz surrounding its Salaar Box-office scam has taken a controversial turn. Accusations of inflated numbers and dubious booking practices have cast a shadow over the film’s commercial success, leaving fans and industry insiders alike scratching their heads.

Salaar Box-office scam Allegations:

  • Inflated Numbers: The film’s reported opening day collection in the Hindi version is suspected to be inflated by around Rs 100 crore. This discrepancy arose when trade numbers differed significantly from official figures.
  • Fake Bookings: Many users on social media noticed irregularities in show timings. Several platforms showed sold-out 6 am and 7 am shows for the Hindi version, while prime-time slots remained empty. This fueled suspicion of artificial booking to inflate figures.
  • Closed Theatres: Adding to the doubt, some claimed closed theatres were showing sold-out Salaar shows. A cinema hall in Bihar, shut down for six years, was listed as hosting packed morning screenings, further corroborating the accusations.
Dunki vs Salaar

Possible Motives:

  • Competition with Dunki: Salaar clashed with Shah Rukh Khan’s Dunki at the box office. Some allege the inflated numbers could be an attempt to outperform Dunki and gain an upper hand in the media narrative.
  • Financial Gain: Inflating box office numbers can attract investors and distributors, potentially securing bigger deals for the film.

Independent Verification Needed:

Currently, there is no independent body that has confirmed or denied the accusations of inflated figures. However, the inconsistencies in show timings and venue availability raise serious concerns that cannot be ignored. A thorough investigation is required to determine the truth behind Salaar’s box office numbers.

Response and Evidence:

  • Makers’ Silence: Despite the mounting allegations and public outcry, the makers of Salaar have chosen to remain tight-lipped. Their silence has only fueled the fire, further amplifying the speculation and doubt surrounding the film’s box office performance.
  • Independent Verification: No independent body has confirmed or denied the allegations. However, the inconsistencies in show timings and venue availability cast doubt on the reported figures.

Current Status:

  • #Salaarboxofficescam trended on social media, highlighting public concern and demanding transparency.
  • Trade analysts remain cautious, urging investigation but stopping short of definitive pronouncements.
  • The controversy lingers, with no concrete resolution in sight.

The Verdict is Out, But the Questions Remain:

The Salaar box office controversy has become a hot topic of discussion, leaving fans and industry insiders divided. While some believe the accusations are baseless and fueled by negativity, others remain unconvinced and demand transparency from the filmmakers.

The Spark of Suspicion:

The controversy ignited with the reported opening day collection of the Hindi version, exceeding a staggering Rs 100 crore. This figure raised eyebrows amongst trade analysts, who observed significant discrepancies between official numbers and independent reports. The doubt intensified further when social media users pointed out irregularities in show timings. Prime-time slots remained surprisingly empty, while early morning screenings (6 am and 7 am) were mysteriously sold out across several platforms. This fueled speculation of artificial booking to inflate the collection figures.

What You Can Do:

As a responsible moviegoer, you can stay informed about the ongoing controversy and voice your concerns on social media. Encourage independent verification of box office figures and demand transparency from filmmakers. By working together, we can hold the industry accountable and ensure a fair and ethical environment for movie lovers.

Important Note: It’s crucial to remember that no conclusive evidence has proven the scam accusations. However, the irregularities point towards possible manipulation, demanding further investigation.

I hope this explanation provides a comprehensive overview of the Salaar Box-office scam controversy. Please let me know if you have any further questions.

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