BiggBoss OTT Season 2 Voting Live : How To Vote?


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Introduction – What is Bigg Boss Show?

There’s a good probability that if you enjoy watching television and other forms of entertainment, you’ve heard of BiggBoss. BiggBoss is a phenomenon in India after being developed in the Netherlands and other nations. A group of famous candidates live together in a specially created home for several weeks as part of the show’s innovative structure. They take part in various activities, establish alliances, and each week are eliminated based on public votes.

Bigg Boss attracts millions of fans because it offers drama, emotions, and unscripted reality to viewers. By casting your vote for your favorite competitor, you, the viewer, can affect the result. We’ll provide you instructions on how to vote for the competitor you want to win in this blog post.

How to Vote in Biggboss OTT 2 ?

Choose Your Voting Method

There are typically Tow primary steps to cast your vote in Bigg Boss:

  1. Using the official Bigg Boss website to cast your ballot is the most popular approach. Browse the web using your favourite browser and look for “Jio Bigg Boss OTT Official Voting Website.” You can find the QR Code, scan it on your smartphone.
  2. Then you Redirect to your app store (Google Play Store for Android or the App Store for iOS) and Download and install the “Jio Cinema app”, then follow the instructions to vote for your favorite contestant.
How To Vote BiggBoss?
Source: Jio
How To Vote BiggBoss? Step1
Step: 1
How To Vote BiggBoss? Step2
Step: 2
How To Vote BiggBoss? Step3
Step: 3
How To Vote BiggBoss? Step4
Step: 4

Directly From “Jio Cinema App

Go to your app store (Google Play Store for Android or the App Store for iOS) and search for “Jio Cinema app.” Download and install the app, then Login And follow the instructions to vote for your favorite contestant.


A cultural phenomenon that draws people together to see the highs and lows of human emotions in a small space, Bigg Boss is more than just a reality program. By voting, you actively influence the narrative of the competition and aid the progress of your favorite contestant.

So, keep in mind that your vote counts whether you cast it using the official website, the app, or a missed call. We can have a big impact on the fascinating Bigg Boss world if we follow this easy, step-by-step manual!

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