Classroom of the Elite Season 3 Release date on January 2024


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In January 2024, Classroom of the Elite Season 3 will premiere!

The third season was originally scheduled to run in 2023, but due to a number of factors, it will now officially premiere in January 2024.

Release of Third Season Key Visuals!

Reruns of the third season and first season of TV anime will air on January 1 of 2024.

Classroom of the Elite, Season 3 Key Visuals

The 7th and 10th seasons’ reruns will be determined in July and October, respectively!
Before the third season premieres in two, please view it!

Cast for Classroom of the Elite, Season 3

  1. Shouya chiba voices for Kiyotaka Ayanokji.
  2. Akari Kitou voices for Suzune Horikita.
  3. Yurika Kubo voices for Kikyo Kushida
  4. Rina Satou voices for Sae Chabashira
  5. Rina Hidaka (Rising of the Shield Hero Season 2) voices for Arisu Sakayanagi.
  6. Satoshi Hino voices for Kouhei Katsuragi.
  7. Ao Toyama voices for Honami Ichinose.

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